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Rebirth of Sage

A profoundly intimate memoir, Rebirth of a Sage delivers a tale of spiritual self-discovery, catalyzed by love and driven by light.

From a fascinating account of her initial encounter with ayahuasca to a mystical cleansing of her entire life, author Lani Gonzales takes readers on an ethereal journey that began in the forests of Colombia.


In this captivating self-help debut, Gonzales introduces readers to her former self. Caged by the traumas of her past, hurt by people who were supposed to nurture her, and drenched with fears of uncertainty and self-loathing, Gonzales struggled to reignite her spiritual flame and reconnect with Pachamama - Mother Earth. Through ayahuasca, she commenced a ceremonial cleanse with expert guidance from the Shamans of the Andes, releasing the panic and agony that personified her old self and gradually reconnecting with nature. Disembodied and hungry for healing, her spirit wandered until she found what awaited her.

Love, Light, and Liberation

Delving deep into her transcendence, Gonzales invites readers as she relives the ceremonies that purged her darkest demons, rebirthed her spirit, realigned her soul, and transformed her life. Through eleven introspective chapters enriched with healing, readers learn to unbury their afflictions, abandon their old ways, and welcome a life of purpose and meaning.

Chronicling Gonzales' journey in a heartwarming and soul-searching tell-all, Rebirth of a Sage, is an intensely personal story of spiritual reckoning. Traverse a kaleidoscope of emotions and be inspired with a mystical reconnection of spirit and a divine reignition of soul.

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